Moving Up and Down, Wulan Guritno’s Sexy Only Wears a Two Piece Fitness Suit

Fresh. – The beautiful artist Wulan Guritno seems to have never escaped the public eye. Her posts on social media often attract the attention of men because of her very sexy appearance.

His post regarding the film series ‘Open BO’ which he played in has been a lot of discussion lately. The reason is, he posted a photo without a single sheet of cloth and only covered in a viral chair on social media.

However, it seems that in the midst of her busy life, Wulan Guritno still maintains a diet. Especially maintaining a healthy body, as was recently uploaded via his Insta story.

The mother of three shared her activities while doing sports. She also wore a white sports bra and shorts with the same color.

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Wulan Guritno sports [Instagram]
Wulan Guritno sports (source: Instagram)

In the video, Wulan holds a weight in her hand, then makes up and down motions. He did this several times, in other posts Shaloom’s mother also lifted the iron and made up and down movements.

As is known, Wulan Guritno really likes to exercise. Plus his current lover, Sabda Ahessa is an athlete who of course also likes sports.

Therefore, even though he is no longer young, it is not surprising that Wulan Guritno’s body still looks like a teenager.


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