After fitness, a man in Bekasi is found dead in a car


A man with the initials DW (49) was found dead in a car in North Cikarang, Bekasi Regency. Victims are known to be exhausted fitness.

“Finished fitness lying in the car, he didn’t take long to die,” said North Cikarang Police Chief AKBP Mustakim when contacted, Tuesday (10/1/2023).

The incident occurred in a parking lot in Pasirgombong Village, North Cikarang, on Saturday (7/1). At first, local residents were suspicious when a parked car did not move even though the engine had been running for a long time.

After being examined, it was seen that the victim was sitting in the driver’s seat and his mouth was open. The victim’s hands looked straight into fists.

“The victim was lifeless,” said Mustakim.

The witness then reported this to Bhabinkamtibmas and forwarded it to the North Cikarang Police. After a quick check, no signs of violence were found on the victim’s body.

“It is suspected that there is a heart disease,” he continued.

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