Health & Fitness Expo celebrates runners and Rochester community | News

ROCHESTER, Minn. – The Health & Fitness Expo welcomed several vendors, musicians, and artists from the Rochester community and across the country.

Vendors relating to health and fitness were selling and handing out merchandise and other items for athletes to enjoy.

Multiple businesses and organizations gathered at the Mayo Civic Center to help put on the expo.

“It’s really great for the city of Rochester because it brings the community together. They changed the race date. It was mostly on Sunday. Now it’s on Friday night and I know a lot of people around racing this year who have never done it before ,” said half marathon runner, Denzil Hill.

Artists and musicians were able to showcase their talents and collections of work.

“It’s huge to me because it’s my livelihood. I do this full time so without people willing to take me in with open arms like this and let me come out and show my work to you guys, I would not be able to eat or have my job,” said artist, Hannah Wilson.

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