Through E-Sport, Volunteers Introduce the Figure of Ganjar to Millennials

Through E-Sport, Volunteers Introduce the Figure of Ganjar to Millennials
Through E-Sport, Volunteers Introduce the Figure of Ganjar to Millennials, Jakarta – The e-sport hobby, which is being loved by millennials, has become a positive forum for exploring young talents and young talents in the country. Seeing this potential, Volunteers Srikandi Ganjar East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) partnered with related communities to hold a PUBG Mobile game tournament.

“The tournament was deliberately held to channel the interests of young people who really like e-sports in the city of Kupang,” said the Coordinator of Srikandi Ganjar NTT, Raeda Kusrorong in a statement received, Thursday (19/1/2023).

Raeda hopes that their hobbies can be channeled and useful as well as being able to become new superior seeds in the future who have international abilities.

“Because this game there are also competitions at the national to world level. It is hoped that the participants can hone their skills,” encouraged Raeda.

In an effort to reach young people, continued Raeda, Srikandi Ganjar deliberately collaborated with the Creative Average x Joys community. According to Raeda, embracing the community is one way to support the creative spirit of local youth.

“Srikandi Ganjar NTT, who really cares about the creativity of young people, hopes that this activity can channel the creativity of young people through e-sports,” he said.

Raeda ensured that Srikandi Ganjar did not miss introducing the figure of Ganjar Pranowo to young people in the area. He believes Ganjar really supports positive creative actions from young people.

“Mr. Ganjar’s figure is also very supportive of activities that can advance young people throughout Indonesia. This can be seen from the many work programs that greatly benefit women and young people,” said Raeda.

Responding to the chaos in illegal mining with the backing of ‘strong’ figures in Central Java, the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, has opened a public reporting space and is ready to raid illegal miners based on the reports he gets.

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