Pangkalpinang is said to be suitable to host sports tourism basketball

Pangkalpinang (ANTARA) – Central Secretary General of the Indonesian Basketball Association (Perbasi) Nirmala Dewi said that Pangkalpinang City, Bangka Belitung Islands Province, was suitable to host basketball sport tourism at both national and international levels.

“The Pangkalpinang Mayor’s enthusiasm is extraordinary for advancing basketball and we certainly want this Country of Thousands of Smiles to be able to host national and international basketball events,” said Nirmala Dewi in Pangkalpinang, Saturday.

He said the U15 Basketball National Championship which will be held in Pangkalpinang City, Sunday (8/1) is thanks to the full support of the Mayor of Pangkalpinang Maulan Aklil, as his step to advance basketball and the community’s economy.

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“If the implementation of the U15 Basketball National Championship is successful, then we will hold sports tourism basketball in Pangkalpinang City tourist destinations,” he added.

He stated that not only sports tourism basketball, but Perbasi was also ready to hold a basketball championship in the Land of Thousands of Smiles every year.

“Pangkalpinang City has potential, because it has a good tourist destination, the culinary is also delicious, the people are also friendly and this is the basic capital for organizing national and international scale basketball events,” he explained.

Nevertheless, he continued, Perbasi would see what potentials Pangkalpinang City had, for example the supporting infrastructure and basketball courts owned by Pangkalpinang City, whether the regional basketball courts had met the standards set or not.

“This basketball court infrastructure is very important. If there is a court that is standard and good enough, of course we will hold an international basketball event here,” concluded Nirmala Dewi.

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