Laziest fitness freak ‘walks’ on a treadmill while binging on alcohol & snacks; watch

Are you a fitness freak? If you are seriously concerned about your health, regular walking must be on your workout list. There are innumerable health benefits of walking and one can obtain the best benefits of walking in the open environment. However, many people are unable to dedicate a specific time to walking; the treadmill gives them the ultimate solution to maintain their health.

Apart from walking, a fitness freak needs to follow a specific diet to achieve more health benefits. However, you might not have ever seen or heard of any fitness freak walking on a treadmill while enjoying snacks or alcohol.

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Here we bring a video that shows the laziest fitness freak ‘walking’ on a treadmill while bingeing on alcohol and snacks.

In the video, the man is seen sitting on a chair while his legs are on a treadmill. Meanwhile, he also has an alcohol bottle, a glass and some snacks on a small bench nearby. While the man is seen simply moving his legs like the action of walking, he puts some snacks into his mouth and wipes his sweating face with the help of a towel. Next, he also empties the drink from the glass.

He does all of these without stopping his legs for a moment.

The video shared on Twitter by The Cool has gone viral on social media with several people sharing the video massively. Moreover, the video has also triggered a laugh riot in the comment section.

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