KONI of Jayapura Regency applies sport science to increase athlete’s performance

Sentani (ANTARA) – The Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) of Jayapura Regency, Papua will apply sport science to make it more effective in improving the achievements of athletes in the region.

Jayapura Regency KONI Chairman Mathius Awoitauw at the Jayapura Regency 2023 KONI work meeting in Sentani, Friday, said that for this reason his party had collaborated with Cenderawasih University to encourage the application of sport science to develop athlete performance.

“Because not all athletes can choose a sport but it must be based on data and that will determine which athlete is suitable for what sport is physically and mentally appropriate,” he said.

According to Mathius, the meeting also involved Cenderawasih University (Uncen) to discuss preparations for implementing sport science in the future.

Moreover, he said, sports facilities such as the Lukas Enembe Stadium and an aquatic arena in Jayapura Regency could be used to increase the potential of athletes.

“Because we have recruited athletes at PON XXI and the Regency Sports Week (Porkab) so this will be the basis for increasing the capacity of athletes in Jayapura Regency,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Acting Regent of Jayapura Triwarno Purnomo said that he hopes that by holding the 2023 Jayapura Regency KONI work meeting, all work programs can run smoothly and of course in implementing the right strategy to develop the potential of athletes.

“Jayapura Regency has many potential athletes, so it is the responsibility of all parties to provide guidance, starting from recruiting and coaching talented young athletes,” he said.

He added that the sports sector has many benefits, such as making the family proud and making the school proud and then being able to make the region proud.

“And the most important thing is to be able to achieve the highest achievement and fly the Red and White flag in the international arena,” he said.

The Jayapura Regency KONI work meeting took place in Sentani, Friday (20/1) and was opened by the Acting Regent of Jayapura Triwarno Purnomo.

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