Finding Funds to Support Your PE Program

Jeff Mushkin

Jeff was first exposed to SPARK in 2004 while working for the Shasta County Public Health Department in California. He became a SPARK trainer in 2005 and oversaw the SPARK Community Grant Program for Shasta County until 2007 when he joined the SPARK team. Jeff has spent the past 12+ years in SPARK curriculum design, professional development, and equipment selection. Jeff has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education, a master’s degree in Public Health, and over 20 years of experience in physical education, health, and nutrition. Jeff spends his time with his wife Julie, daughter Katie, and his son Zack. In his free time, Jeff enjoys playing tennis and golf. Jeff resides in Louisville, KY. What I love about SPARK: That curriculum addresses all of the fundamental skills students need to learn and each unit follows a progression so each lesson builds upon the last. What’s great about SPARK: All of the supplement materials that enhance each of the lesson plans. There are task cards, skill cards, music, and assessments for teachers to use to reinforce learning. Favorite SPARK lesson: Workout Buddies. I love the social interaction between partners and that provides students with a choice in how they want to complete the activity. What makes you excited about SPARK: I’m excited to join Gopher Sport to continue with my love of SPARK and creating physical education resources to meet the needs of teachers.

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