Evolene Managed to Break the MURI Record for Most Sales of Fitness Supplements in 1 Hour

Parapuan. co – Evolene as a local health supplement product managed to break the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) record by successfully recording 15,687 purchases of Evowhey products in one hour.

This record was achieved to coincide with the celebration of Evolene Indonesia’s 4th birthday. Of course, breaking this record is one of the biggest achievements for Evolene, who is now one of the market leaders in Indonesia for the supplement industry fitness and sports.

Founder & CEO of Evolene Indonesia Christian Dicky revealed, four years is not an easy journey for a health supplement product, but the Evo Team – Evolene’s staff and management – is committed and consistently presenting the best products to meet protein and nutritional needs and establish a healthy lifestyle. society in order to achieve the ideal body shape.

“Hopefully in the future Evolene can contribute more by becoming market leader who continues to provide evidence and support for the health and sports industry in Indonesia,” said Christian in a written statement received by Parapuan.com, Monday (16/1/2023).

As a form of gratitude and gratitude, Evolene and all staff members also held a thanksgiving ceremony at Evolene’s office located in Jakarta.

“Evolene has been able to reach this point involving many parties, both in efforts to maintain product quality and quality for consumers. In addition, Evolene also has a big dream to revive a healthy lifestyle ecosystem by exercising regularly and consuming healthy foods including supplements,” said Christian.

Award from MURI Records for Evolene
Founder & CEO of Evolene Indonesia Christian Dicky received an award from the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI).

Not only that, Christian also said he was proud because Evolene could write a new history for Indonesia by breaking this record. Apart from breaking the MURI record by selling 15,687 Evowhey products in 1 hour, Evolene is also one of the brands supplement fitness local company that succeeded in making achievements by winning Top Brand 2022 for the Fitness/Gym Supplements category with a Top Brand Index of 15 percent in March 2022.

Previously, in 2021, Evolene also won Labdoor International Certification. All Evolene products are also certified by the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM), Halal, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), and ISO 22000.

In fact, recently Evolene has also succeeded in proving the quality of its products through the achievements of the athletes it supports in the Olympia Amateur, namely Chris and Fareza. Chris won first place Men’s Physique and fourth place in Men’s Classic Physique Class A. Meanwhile, Fareza won fourth place in Men’s Classic Physique Class B in the event.

With the various achievements above, Evolene is committed to continuing to maintain the quality of its products to support Indonesian people to have a healthy lifestyle and have an ideal body weight. This commitment is realized by Evolene by maintaining the quality of its products.

MURI Evolene Award
The Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) award given to Evolene.

Evolene uses raw materials that go through layered filtration and are filtered many times so that they have a finer texture so that they are more easily absorbed by the body. In addition, Evolene also routinely conducts laboratory tests on its products to maintain the contents of the product according to what is stated on the label.

Thousands of Evolene users or what is commonly called Evoteam have experienced the benefits of this product. Many of them have recommended these products for other publics to try, one of which is Evowhey.

For information, Evowhey is a high-protein milk, to meet the adequacy of daily nutrition for muscles and cut fat, which is one of Evolene’s superior products.

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