Amazing! 50 English Medals in the Olympic Series End of Year Event Strengthen the Achievements of MTs N 1 Banjarnegara Students

Banjarnegara – Gratitude is a word that deserves to be said for the achievements of the students of MTS Negeri 1 Banjarnegara in the Olympic Series End Of Year English subject. How come? 50 students won medals. It is truly a struggle worthy of appreciation by the entire Madtsansa family.

At the beginning of the even semester and at the beginning of 2023, all Madtsansa students continue to strive for achievements. Love for madrasas is certainly a fire that will continue to ignite the spirit of struggle.

Announced on Tuesday (3/1) the event owned by the Coconates Olympiad was participated in by students of MTs Negeri 1 Banjarnegara independently from their respective homes under the supervision of the achievement supervisor and this effort yielded brilliant results. 50 medals were won with details of 31 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 5 bronze medals.

Eko Widodo, head of MTs Negeri 1 Banjarnegara in his statement to the warta mandtsansa team explained his emotion and pride to all students and coaches of achievement fighters.

“Wonderful, Great! Let’s continue to instill the spirit of achievement. Rest assured that this struggle of yours in the future will definitely benefit you. What a touching and proud start to the year, thank you!” said Eko enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, according to the English subject supervisor who is familiarly called Mom Dewi, said that this achievement was the fruit of the perseverance of the children participating in the competition.

“Alhamdulillah, the children got good results. Their persistence in participating in various competitions does not necessarily produce satisfactory results for the children. There are those who have to be patient to be able to achieve the medal they aspire to. But whatever they present to the madrasa, of course it still makes us proud,” said Agustina Dewi Merdekawati.

Dzulfikar Syarifuddin Ma’ruf, one of the students who won a gold medal in the Olympic Series End Of Year event, expressed his gratitude.

“Masha Allah, a very happy start to the year. To be honest, I rarely get a gold medal, and Alhamdulillah…this time my English score in this event was good so I qualified for the gold medal. Thank you, Mom Dewi…” Dzulfikar said on the sidelines of his participation in the Ministry of Religion Charity Day ceremony. (fy)

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